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steering wheel shakes around 60 mph...

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Hey fellow forumers... I have a 96 civic with a bit of a shaky steering wheel while driving... I have found the rack and pinion was bad... I replaced it and had an alignment and wheel balance... But still shakes... I also found my axles are bad and replaced them... Now it still shakes... So I am a bit frustrated... I found my sway bar brushing are bad... Could this be the problem or does anyone else have some info on the matter... I am replacing them either way but just looking for some advice...

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I recently obtained a 94 civic and I'm experiencing the same issue. A tire shop informs me that my rims are missing the "center rings" and that is what is causing the shaking. I need help in finding out what type of rims I have but am unable to upload a picture. The 'image' button on the post is asking for a url location? How do I upload an image file that is on my computer?

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Here are some photos of the rim. Can anyone tell me what make and model they are so I can order the center rings? Thanks.


Sorry about the picture size. I keep getting an icon with a red 'x' in the middle when I try different links. This is the only one that would put the picture in the post. Any help in how to adjust the size would also be appreciated.





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When they said you were missing the center rings they were not referring to the beauty cover over the lugs, they were referring to a hub ring. The center bore on your wheel is larger so that it will be a universal fit on several different brands of cars. You need a hub centric ring to properly center the wheel on the hub.


The link below is an example. Don't buy those. Just check out the auction for information on how to get the proper measurements for the rings you need.



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