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1997 Honda Accord "bubbling water" sound

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I own a 1997 Honda Accord. I was driving it around and everything seemed just fine but when I got home and parked it and turned it off I heard this "bubbling water" sound. I looked under my car and there was a pretty good bit of water leaking from under. The temperature gauge never went up or anything so I don't think it overheated. Anyone know a possible problem here?

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you said a good bit of WATER was leaking correct?



cracked head is unlikely esp. with no over heating


a blown head gasket has many signs.. that is not one of them



so.. like i said before.. GO POP THE HOOD.. check for busted hoses or radiator leaks

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Ok I took the car back to the guy I bought it from and he performed a compression and leak check on the engine. He said there were no leaks and the head gasket is just fine. He also said it's not a cracked head. However, I know the problem will still continue because I drove it around for about 2 hours saturday and it started over heating, so I pulled it over and turned it off. I checked the radiator and there was little to nothing left in it! I had to pour a lot of water into the radiator to fill it back up again. I also noticed, if you take the radiator cap off and give it gas, water comes out of the radiator. What the heck is the problem here? If anyone has any ideas at what the problem could be please let me know!

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start the car fill it full of water and if it starts boiling the water out like crazy then it probally is head gasket another way to check is to look at oil dip stick and if your oil looks milky then water has mixed with it caused by head gasket or you can always look at tail pipe while running see if water is driping but more than likely its a bad hose or radiator leak like delsolsweetie said

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