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All time import


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1. Honda Civic so much you can do with it


2. Mazda RX-7 TT handles great


3. Acura NSX handles great and has a high top speed


4. Toyota Supra TT, fast 1/4 and top speed


I'll add more later, dinner time.

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hmmm...whenever I think of "Import" as in the Import Scene turned Sport Compact, you will always have the little Civic. Which is often mistaken as the originator of the whole Import craze. But I'd give that title over to the Datsun 510s and old school Toyota Corollas.

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my 3 all time favorite imports......


Mitsubishi 3000GT VR-4

Honda NSX


Nissan 350Z

i almost bought a 3000gt sl that was ALL stock with ALL the options, 5spd, lady driven and owned. the thing was immaculate, looked like it had never been sat in other than the volume buttons on the steering wheel were fading a little bit...but then i found my eclipse in the same condition. of course i opted for the turbo.

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