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best exhaust for a civic? yr 2000

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Well, and exhaust will help. Since you have a naturally aspirated car I'm assumiing then it won't be any kind of monumental power gains however. Go with a good header, high flow cat and a good cat back exhaust. Apexi N1 is really good exahust so is the Worl Sport from Apexi. The World sport is real quiet yet it'll do a good job. HKS and Greddy make good exahust systems but honestly unless you have a turbo then they don't do as much good. For a non-turbo I would highly recommend either of the Apexi exhausts. If you don't like either of those then go with the Greddy Evo exhaust. It's kind of expensive but it's damn worth it and they don't have that ricey sound either. The Greddy gives out a good, deep tone, even at full throttle. It doesn't sound like a over built buzz saw coming at you.



Those are just my opinion but I always recommend things are that are PROVEN power adders not just waht looks the best!

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