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Wave of fu_cks talking shit.


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So why are these people coming onto Hondaforums and saying that Honda's suck. If you bitches think Honda's suck that's your own problem and opinion. Why should we care. This is a place to discuss Honda's and whatever else we want. I don't see any of us going to other forums and saying your pieces of crap suck, do you??? Didn't think so. So I tell you what, give me a call and I will send you some $$ to go to therapy to help you deal with the fact that you can't live with getting beat by a Honda in racing or at a show or whatever it was. Then you can repay me when you have finally pulled your head out of your ass so you can see what pieces of crap you drive and sell them. Hey, anytime I can be of assistance I don't mind. I have a Civic Si that has a built GSR motor in it (if you know what that is) and is about to either get a supercharger or a turbo. Even right now all motor I'd be more than happy to show you what pieces of crap Honda's really are. Here's a question for you..... Do you think the BMW M3 is cool?? That it's fast??? I own one of those too and my lost by about a 1/2 a car to a car length when pitted against the M. Hmmm. Honda's suck. Oh yeah..... Tell you what, all of these bitches that are talking crap on here tell me what you drive. I want some details too, such as how much hp the yellow vinyl or how much weight reduction the rust is good for. I bet any of you that I have a Honda that will you your bitch asses. If it can't wait another few hundred miles for this motor to be broken in nicely and you'll see some forced induction of monumental proportions. Then you'll see a piecce of crap that can smoke your piece and fawk your momma and still have power to spare.



That is all.

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Hondas suck.


lol j/k. seriously. no really i dont think they do and u guys know that. but if someone is coming on here bashin hondas. i have 1 proposition for you. come to Indiana and find me. bring your car, your money, and your pinkslip and plan on handing over that car. cause it will be mine. o and if your some little 6-12 year old kid that is thinkin he scares everyone because he can download hacking tools he is funny. now STFU



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