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Anyone heard of this game for the Gamecube? Dude, this is one great game, I'm still haven't beat it as my hands are just numb from playing for the past 4 hours.


Using cel-shaded graphics, this game is visually appealing. Greatly laid out, complex levels that require more than just running through and killing everyone. It's difficulty is pretty high, even on Kiddie mode, I can only imagine how Adult mode, V Mode, and Ultra-V Mode are. For all you old school gamers that miss a good platform/2-d side scroller this should fit the bill nicely. Very well done from those over at Capcom, creators of the great platform/2-d Mega Man and the best fighting game ever: STREET FIGHTER 2. This game is definetly a must for any Gamecube owner. If you don't own one, you might as well get one since they are only $99.99 now!

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