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Post pics of your Del Sol's


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Not really a fan of airbrushing on sols (reminds me of painted hippy vans) but atleast its quality work.

and I wouldnt exactly paint my drums "OMGMFRED!" but to each his own

Over all tho, sol is very nice, i really like the filled in rear garnish, been thinking of doing that myself eventually and mounting my plate to the reciver (yes im putting a hitch on this sol as well, what can I say, I like to snowboard, bike, camp, etc)

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nobody else noticed the dual exhaust?!?


the art is awesome, but not on a del sol... this kind of stuff should be on a lowrider or something of that sort IMO



The dual exhaust probs wouldn't be too bad if he just had one pipe on each side... 4 is overkill! n your right about the lowrider...

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nobody else noticed the dual exhaust?!?


the art is awesome, but not on a del sol... this kind of stuff should be on a lowrider or something of that sort IMO


nah didnt even notice it, was too entranced by the crazy vampire/zombie/mist stuff going on.

but yeah dual exhaust on a i4 is kinda pointless, quad exhaust on a i4 is plain retarded.

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Ill post mine in reverse chronological order. With my newest dSol's going back to my first one (Ellie, she was a good sol / solvic)



my 93 boosted si, picked her up in the desert, drove her back home (about 1500 miles) for spring break, stopping off in vegas, the grand canyon, Mt.Shasta, etc etc. As of right now she is under a car cover, which is under a tarp, which is under a parking structure for the winter untill i can pull her out and trouble shoot an electrical issue. This year she will be getting a full gut and paint. Interior is going to be black with blue accents, exterior is going to be CBP (captiva blue pearl)




My 95 solvic, bought for 500 bucks (i think, cant remeber), had a totaled front end, the interior was in sad shape, had a colony of ants living in it since it was parked out in the middle of a field for a few years after the owner totaled it

as she sits today


how she was when i bought her


if you want to see everything that was done to build that one to where she is now then go to Here, its 7 pages of work.



my first sol (that finaly died on her 4th wreck on september 18th of 2008)


after 3 wrecks the front end was totaled so i had to fix it


then the 4th wreck (60mph head on) killed her completely.

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too much D series in here.. here ill add some B :happy: lol



as mine sits right now








how she was before she went to the shop to get built :)






what she looked like when i got her





shes come a long way.. and still has ALOT more to go.. shes going to be a whole different color not too long from now hopefully, full gut and rotisary spray with an offset enginebay color :happy:

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