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93 Accord Starting Problem


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Ok so my 93 accord won't start. I have only had the car for about a week so i know very little about the gremlins in it...just that it has them :)


When i turn the key i can hear the starter motor spinning freely, but there is no movement at all from the engine, as far as i can tell it does not pop out to engage the flywheel. However, I have taken the starter to two different shops and it passed bench tests at both of them with the doohicky (technical term) popping out and all the teeth spin. As far as I can tell the starter and the flywheel seem fine (no teeth seem missing). I have cleaned off the contacts for battery and the two connections to the starter and they all seem fairly clean, though i haven't put them in a coke bath- they don't seem dirty enough to need it.


I originally thought it was a bad starter, but both advanced and napa have told me differently. It costs $130 for a new one and its non refundable- and as a high school student I don't have that kind of money to blow on something that doesn't seem to be the problem. They both told me it seems to be an electrical issue, but im not sure where to start looking. If anyone could point me in the right direction so I can get back on the road that would be great. Thanks!


btw, it ran fine before this. it started up that morning, i went to take off from a stop and stalled it, first time since i got the car, but it seemed to die really easy. could have just been a noob move by me though. then as soon as i went to start it back up this is when the problem started.

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I would remove the upper timing belt cover and check the t-belt. If the belt broke or the teeth stripped when it stalled then the engine can be turning but without the load of the cam and water pump they will spin almost like the there is no load (or as you describe like the engine is not turning over).


If the belt is good and you can manually crank it over and the timing marks are on then it is something else. I would look there first since it is quick to do and may be the issue.

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