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88 Accord Idles too fast


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I have a 1988 Accord with only 90,000 miles. I had the top half of the engine rebuilt. An exhaust valve had burned a hole in the valve. I put on a new timing belt and water pump while having the top half re-done. Even before the valve job the car always idled too fast. I have the fast idle adjustment screw backed way off the stop for the carb. I've checked every vacuum line and diaphram I can check. I have a vacuum guage and hand pump if anyone has any ideas as to what I can check or need to do. I know how to use a multi-meter and can check anything electrical. Once I put the engine back together and checked all the hoses and made sure every little thing was done correct, I started the motor and on the first turn of the key it started like a brand new car except the fast idle was still there. Right now it idles @2000 RPM. I can't even check to see if the timing is correct. close or even near where it needs to be except knowing how to start with the #1 piston at TDC and the cam in line with the surface of the head. The car is in great shape. Interior and exterior is nearly flawless. I don't want to take it to the dealer because they will only try to convince me to buy a new one and let this old thing go. NOT ON YOUR DEAR LIFE. Any help would be so gratly appreciated.


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A little late on a reply, hope your still checking in...


I would first check that the throtle cable is not catching. Put your foot under the gas pedal and lift up on it. If the idle drops then you know it is within that part of the system. Then press the gas pedal to bring it back to the "normal" position where it wants to be, go under the hood and check that the pully on the intake is up against the adjustable stop. If not then either the cable is sticking or the pulley needs to be lubricated or the cable is out os adjustment. If it is touching the stop and then I would back the stop screw out allowing the pulley to close the throtle plate more and see if that does it. If you back it out and the pulley no longer touched the stop and the car still idles high then you will have to adjust the cable.


I would start there because it is simple to check and is know to cause your problem. After that it becomes much more complex with all the vac lines and thermo valves.

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I don't know what to say. I had a 1986 Accord LX-Sedan and did raise my idle when switching from 93 to 87 octane, but it seems you already know where the adjustment screw is. I'm curious if there is something obstructing, sticking, or binding the throttle cable. Sorry I can't do better than that, I haven't laid hands on an A20 or CVCC in years.

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