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Civic to del sol front end


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Right so, I love the look of a del sol, but I have two kids so I need at least the room of a civic coupe. How much is involved in taking a 92-95 civic coupe and putting a del sol front on it? I am hoping that maybe they are at least a similar frame and the del sol is just a chopped rear frame.

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You need to drill the spotwelds on your old core support then weld a del sol one on, fenders need to be cut in 1/2 and frankenstiened (1/2 civic fender & 1/2 dSol fender), need to fab up custom hood hinges, change out the hood latch for the sol one, change out hood release cable, etc etc etc


Its a bit of work to say the least.


IF ya want more info you can ask Raley, Sarah, or Myself and we can walk ya through it. Raley has done the dSol on a hatch, ive done 2 eg on sol, and Sarah also has an eg on a sol. To give ya a goo idea click on the link in my siggy (the build thread of solvic 2.0) that will show ya what you would be getting yourself into)


Also just realize dSol parts are FUGGIN EXPENSIVE compared to civic so your price is going to be atleast double what mine was.

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