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99 ex guts in 98 lx auto


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my wife totalled our 99 ex coupe. I salvaged the motor and trans, spindells brakes cvaxles engine wiring harness and pcm and exhaust. Is there anything missing? The goods are going into a 98 lx 4 door auto. Need experienced details on what needs to be done to complete the swap

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so nobody has any idea how to do this? is that what i am to understand. c'mon somebody. I'm a ford tech. I only know so much about hondas. And this is no direct bolt in. Anybody?



ur taking the engine and tranny out of the 99 civic and putting it in a 98 civic? should just be a simple swap maybe have to change a motor mount or trans mount were they both auto?

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Auto to manual swap is tricky.... if thats what it is ill post details.


auto to manual

Y7 replaced with Y8

v-tec wire harness replaced lx non-v-tec harness.

spyndels and cv axles. clutch pedal and shifter and clutch master installed.


do i need to swap the ignition switch aswell?

Can i run a jumper to the nuatral safety bypass?

anything else that i may need to get?

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frack the clutch safty, just leave it in nutrual.


Also you need to change passenger upper mount bracket or buy a conversion mount.



Is that it? I seem to have plugs on my front wire harness for the front clip area, the headlights and blinkers and horns, I have plugs at the end of the harness that i have no idea where they go. And alldata is not a help at all

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Wait, i reread what i wrote, now i have to correct myself, you will be using wires already there but there will be extras on the auto trans, motor will be fine and there isnt a knock sensor. Only wire that im not sure about is reverse lights and the clutch wire.... but youll be fine. If ylou search google im pretty sure you will find a full write up on it, eg or ek will steer you in the right direction, thewy are almost the same.

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