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SWEET ELECTRICAL ISSUE!!! (caps are sweet)


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well, i decided i have the best electrical problem ever. if its below 30*F (yeah, not just freezing, but below that alil bit, no matter interior temp) my passenger blinker works just fine... if its warmer then that i must have a short somewhere in the line (im guessing ground but haven't checked) but it blinks with the quickness... none of the filaments are out and front and back both blink... yeah its sweet :p

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Or the muffler bearing is getting dirty.


I hate electrical issues. The radio in my truck only works if I hit a big enough bump, and that only lasts until I turn it off again.

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and your gay :)


And you should go get me a 50 gal drum of propwash, 10 feet of flight line, and a bend straightener.


While your at it fill out a I.D.TEN.TANGO form then attatch it to your MIKE.FOXTROT form and route it to me.


Oh and get a spray bottle of bulkhead remover as well.

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dunno, never fiberglassed using anything other and HDNE. That stuff it doesnt matter how cold it it, its so damn exothermic it will melt a hole in ABS plastic haha. Then again if you put it in a eye dropper and drop it from 4 feet in the air it will explode like nitro when it hits the ground. Sadly I cant get it anymore since i dont have an explosives permit (was only able to get it when I was still enlisted, or working for sikorsky since I was able to use their permits)

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