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2000 Integra GSR

Joe W

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More or less this is a progress thread showcasing what has been done with my new project which will have daily duties as well as one day hopefully track too.


How I came to be the owner:

Had been trying to sell the HF CRX I had, about 2 weeks into it found a guy interested in the shell. The plan was to sell that save up and buy another honda in decent condition running for about 2-3K. Turned out this guy had a 00 GSR shell he wanted to sell for 750 or trade. Seemed like a longshot but I offered a straight trade shell for shell... After a bit of talking by phone and exchanging of numerous photos the plan was set I would transport and pick up the shells in exchange for a spare low mileage B16 head minus throttle body and an LS 5spd trans. As hard as it is to believe its got a clean title, but did not have seats front or rear and a few of the hatch/trunk panels are not there. Exterior, the rear quarters have some ripples and on one side has the cancer. It's got 94-97 front end, guy explained but I forgot why no turn signals. Interior is clean...what is in there. The head looks brand new almost with very little wear, and trans is dirty and an LS but it'll get the job done for now.


So far I haven't been able to do much with it, but I managed to find a JDM B18C block for $200 from a local. Needs cleaned up and is ready for the machine shop! I've also addressed the no seats issue with some cloth LS fronts and GSR leathers in the rear for $125 total. The seats are apparently from a 94-97 as the bottom anchors do not line up, but not a big deal considering they were $25 325 spent so far my goal is to rebuild bottom end and get on the road spending less than 2k, otherwise I should have just bought something that already ran lol.


Only exterior shot I have as of now



Before Cleaning Interior




RSX-S Front Calipers! RSX-S Rears are already on.






Have a stock bezel that will be put in so if anybody wants this one pm me.








Drivers side had a split in the outside bolster :( but thanks to the wife...




I apologize for cell phone pics car is at my mom's and thats all I have right now


I will make updates to this thread as stuff happens, but don't expect it to be a quick thing because money is tight at the moment.

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Thanks guys, and yes it was hand sewed. No padding was refilled.


Seb- Idk black leather would be nice, I'm thinking JDM ITR Recaros reupholstered with a different colored stitiching instead of red.

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Finally got a motor for the integra, it's an OBD1 B18C from hmotors. Everything is in and hooked up, but I've hit a snag she won't crank. Checked the starter and it works, also getting voltage at the starter and as far as I know and have researched the dizzy is re-pinned correctly as is the alt.


Anyway here a some pics:








And here is the re-pinned dizzy plug; I know I need to cover the connection on the Blk/Yel.




If anyone has any ideas I am most certainly open to them. Everything just seems to be going wrong with this swap and it should be pretty much a direct swap minus the OBD conversion. Damn you Murphy!

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It's been awhile since I've updated my thread. Much has been accomplished! Most importantly the car is tagged, insured and RUNNING. After about 3 weeks of sorting out the CELs it's CEL free and runs great but the rewire chipped basemap is running rich.

Aside from it running it needed tires so I picked up some 205/45/16 Yoko Parada 2 and while I was at it some 16x8 +20 bronze wheels. Rolled the fenders and put them on, then after driving it for a month, the factory GSR shocks were a little bouncy not to mention it looked out of place with the new wheels and nosebleed ride height. So I ordered up a set of Function Form Type 1 coilovers.

Don't have quality or detailed pics but I do have some nonetheless.


The wheels in the box




And some test fitting





Only pic before being lowered its a bad pic



And its current state, I need to tweak the height all the way around. Passenger rear is rubbing on the wheel well cuz its too low.








When I get the chance to adjust the suspension I'll try and get snapshots of that, so until the next update... That is all.

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Thanks guys, I wanted to black it out but went with the bronze cuz it's a little diff. I'll get black wheels for the truck. It's coming along nicely, next the body gets attention because one of the previous owners ran it down the guard rails on both sides. So I'm at a crossroads; After the accident they decided to replace the front end with 94-97 front.


Option 1) Go back to 98+ Front with some retrofitted Bixenon HID projectors in the low beam housings.


Option 2) JDM Front (HID if I can afford), if not retrofit some S2k or TSX HID projectors in place of the Halogen projectors.


Tough decision for me to make...

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Some pics of the suspension goodies as promised.






And another update, I was down my mom's helping her clean when she found the single din radio adapter that just so happened to fit my car! So I then proceded to find an old radio to just slap in until I can get the one I want, and since the prior owner had somewhat gutted the car there was no speakers either. I went ahead and bought some 6.5 for the rear and some components for the fronts.


This is how the center console looks with no radio.


And my finished hackjob (Soldered and taped)



Nice boxes





I will have to modify the tweeters to fit in the factory locations, which I have not gotten around to yet. Hopefully get the chance this week or weekend.

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