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START UP problem can some one help?????


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Well i cleaned out the (FITV) and the (IACV). After I turn the car on during warm up i notice both holes inside the intake have suction going trough them I belive thats the way it should be, but ones the car reached a normal temp i notice the top hole witch i belive it goes to the (IACV) had a small suction and the bottom hole witch i think is the one that goes to the (FITV) had a large amount of suction i think the bottom hole should not have any suction or at least a very small amount ones the car is at normal temp. when i covered the bottom hole the car just turned off. I tryied it twice and both times the car just died. now im not sure if the way i labeled the holes is correct.TOP hole to (IACV) and BOTTOM hole to (FITV) if im correct then their is defently something wrong whith the (FITV) maybe thats why i dont have a high rpm at first start up when car is cold.i have to hold the peddle for about a minute before i can let go and the car can stay on at high idle on its own.what can possibly be the problem do i need a new (FITV)? The car does not stay on it has no idle at all when car is cold at first start up. I belive it should stay on on its own at high idle while is warming up and it wont do it im not sure what can be causing this can some one help?

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First, if you think that you miss typed/spoke during a posting then just go back and fix it before submitting instead of telling everyone what you think you think you meant.


Second, you could have air trapped in the IAC, essentially within the coolant system causing the issue, or, the head that you just replaced has a clogged port to the IAC or FICV, or, the IAC or FICV is bad/dirty, or there is a VAC leak some place, or, you have a leaking intake gasket or possibly a head gasket, or, or, or...


I am not trying to be mean here, but there is an amplitude of things that can cause your issue(s). You need to diagnois the problem as best you can and have some good backing as to what has been researched prior to posting so that anyone that is willing and able can post back with sugestions.

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