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h23 turbo how to


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I have a 92 honda prelude si with 4ws. It has an h23 motor in it with a 70mm throttle body, and im pretty sure thats it. I just bought the car so im not entirely sure. Anyways i plan to drop a turbo in it in the next few weeks and was wondering if there are any good how to websites. Also how much boost i should run on the stock internals.

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You should never run more than about 50% more power on stock internals. That means no more than 8 psi not 12!! Your stock cast pistons have small air bubbles in them (porosity) and they are very weak do to the method of construction from pouring into a mold. They most likely wouldn't even survive detonation on 8 psi. Forged however will punch right through detonation and you'll lose the head gasket instead. Also forged pistons will not flake off melted pieces of aluminum like cast will under boost. Stock rods are fine.

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