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1994 Del Sol Si


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I posted several different posts awhile ago with a couple of engine related and other problems:

1) air flowing though radiator - still an issue

2) hard "blink" at idle (car would momentarily cut out, then continue running; observed tach bump down

- problem went away after adjusting timing belt, ignition timing and adjusting valve clearance

- could also be due to the change in temperature

3) rough running up to 3000 RPM - sea foam into the intake several times and some into the gas tank

- problem very seldom now and at much lower RPMs (i.e. 1200 RPM)

4) car wouldn't turn over at all - clutch interlock switch

5) A/C ran cool for about 5 minutes, then became warm - measured low side pressure to be too high - still not fixed


OK, so yesterday I started out in first gear and while shifting to second gear I heard a "thump" and then the engine just cut out.

I smelled a strong electrical burn but did not see any smoke. The car will now not start, though it will turn over. Curiously, the A/C

condenser fan comes on when the key is turned to the "on" position, though stops while the engine is turning over. It never came on

before, so I am assuming that it is related to my issue. The electrical odor is definitely coming from the interior and I don't see any scorch marks

or smell anything in the engine bay. I also checked all of the interior fuses and engine bay fuse/ relays and they all seem fine.


I'm going to get into the Haynes and Helms this weekend, but wondered if anyone had any ideas. When the engine first died, I thought the CEL

kicked on, but I jumped the connector and didn't see any blinking codes, so I may have been mistaken.


Any thoughts, comments or suggestions would be most appreciated.

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The fuel pressure was fine. There was no spark.


I went through the Helms book. According to the tests, the coil checked out fine, but the

voltage tests suggest replacing the ICM. However, the ICM does not relate to the A/C fan being

on. I checked the relay by replacing with another working unit and it is fine. The ICM also does

not explain the electrical burn. I am now pretty sure it needs a new ECM. I tested for voltage at

the MAP and discovered only 0.15V vs. the desired 5.0V with the ignition in the "on" position.


I don't know whether a bad ECM would yield similar errors suggesting the ICM is also bad. The

contact wires of the ICM were all brown and sticky, which suggests to me that they may also be



Honda sells the ECM for $500. I also found some on-line re-manufactured ECM's for ~$250.

Has anyone had a positive experience with a rebuilt ECM, or having their own rebuilt? Any

suggestions of on-line companies would be appreciated. Thanks.

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The Helms was both insightful and not very helpful at the same time.


This is where I now stand:

The car won't start, though it will turn over.


The CEL came on and stayed on. The fuel pressure does not prime. There is no spark. The A/C fan came on.

I ran a voltage test on the ECM and discovered it was bad. The ECM was replaced. The A/C fan

no longer came on, but same problem with fuel, spark, no start yet turns over. I replaced the main relay - no help.

I checked the ignition switch - all positions are fine. I jumped the fuel pump in the main relay - pump engages.


Conclusion: The car now starts and runs fine. Looking back at the chain of events,

I replaced the ECM and thought that was the main problem. After connecting the

ECM, I again tried to start the car to no avail. Without knowing it, that start attempt

blew the 15A main relay fuse in the engine bay. I hadn't bothered checking the

fuses again because I already checked all of them before replacing the ECM. I

then connected a new main relay which due to the blown fuse would not start.

Today I looked again at the fuses and observed the blown one. After replacing,

the car started up fine.

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