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So I just rebuilt my d16 turbo motor. I am getting a sputter when at low RPMs that I got before I rebuilt. It really wont let me get on it at all and then if it hits 4 grand it takes off like no tomorrow. I replaced the fuel filter which is fine but Im at a loss for the issue. Currently I dont have hondata running but I have my piping off of my intake and still does the problem. Could maybe Hondata be cure all? Which Im getting at the end of this month just the s200 then saving up for the 300 chip.


My second problem is on my dash. The left turn signal light on the dash and bright light always stay lit. Just recently I figured out that when I have my left turn signal on blinking and I turn on my windsheild wipers my wipers go up really fast but when they come down they go really really slow and then when they go down the turn signal stops blinking until they go up again. Could this be a short? Or is something else going on. My headlights are also dim on the left side but normal on the right.

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untuned rebuilt turbo motor isnt running right



I wonder what could be wrong.. also check timing of course




and dont waste your money on a chip.. get a real tune.. if you spend the money to turbo spend the money to tune it right








check your grounds for the lights

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not much machining at all was done. We are pretty sure we got the timing down but we need to recheck it def.


Im def getting the s200 this month and wouldnt mind getting it tuned around here it would cost just as much to get s300 as to get it dyno tuned but for future expansion of my motor getting new injectors and in the next year or so possibly getting new pistons and rods I thought s300 would be a money saving way to go. Just because then I wouldnt have to keep getting it retuned. I had s300 in my old h swap and I loved it. Nice to be able to customize everything and practically plug and play.


The other thing with the sputter is that it only does it when it warms up... takes longer in colder weather to reach that point even when the car is warmed up. So would it still be a timing issue? Or could it be a TPS problem.

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If I remember correctly wasn't the S200 discontinued..?


In all seriousness the S300 is worth the few extra bucks..I picked mine up with boost option for $300.



how did you get it for only $300?


I think I'm going to get a chipped p28 off of xenocron.com. not a bad price for it. i think around $175. My friend was gonna sell me his s200 for $250 but i think they other one is a better deal.

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