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im lookin to get my new supsension on my rex should i go coil overs o


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As stated in the subject in a month or so imma be lookin to get a new supsension! Now my "q" is should I go strute & spring or coilovers??? I'm just wundering the por's and con's that come with both of the set ups and if you guys have or can recomend a good set up??? Plz feel free to recommend a set up or even bash on brands or set up so I can kinda get a view of what's what and your experiances with particular brands !!! Thns

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^ agreed


you need to take all of those in to consideration.. i plan on tracking my car but i do use it for a daily.. so i have tein flex, not cheap what so ever but i love the suspension, VERY responsive :happy:



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