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Radio clock keep on blinking after battery was replaced


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Got my battery changed, radio screen is asking for a code which is figure out ( a 5 digit sticker code can be found in your glove box).

Next thing is my radio clock, it keeps on blinking and I've tried pushing and holding all buttons. Nothing work.

Anyone knows the proper way to set the radio clock??

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Ok, you might want to tell us what car it is, is it the standard radio, is it the car clock, or the radio-system's clock?

Look in your car manual for how to set the clock, there should be something in there which tells you how to set the time (best place to start anyway).


Try this link for a code: http://www.radio-code.co.uk/honda-radio-codes.html

Or this: CLICKY ME


Also, writing in a big stupid sized font is definitely not necessary. It won't get you an answer any quicker.

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