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I am a newbie here and just wanted to say hello to all the members. I have a 2003 Honda Accord EX-V6, I got it a couple of months back. I am impressed with the way it handles and rides. It is very quiet and smooth, but the navigation occasionally gives an error message on the display which says "DVD Disc Read Error". When I turned my car off and start again after a few minutes, it starts working again perfectly. Does anyone have the same problem? Need your help to fix it.



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Do you have kids or did the car come from someone that did? I only ask this because I have seen several times where kids slide coins etc. into the DVD/CD players. Sometimes they will make contact with the curcit board which is located on the bottom of the player and when driving/cornering etc. it will slide off the contacts making it work again, thus an intermittent problem. I would start by pulling the system out (with any CD's/DVD's in) and giving it a shake to see if you hear anything bumping around in there. If so take it apart and find out what it is. A somewhat simple and free place to start if you are able to do it. The other thing your could try first instead is to get an eye cleaner disk from your local electronics shop and install that and let it clean the eye to see if that stops your problem.


Unfortunately after that it becomes a more complex diagnostic issue that you will need to bring to a dealer or a compitent shop.

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