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Honda Battery Cables


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hi, i have a honda accord 1991 and i to need to replace the positive battery cables. The positive cables splits into 2 parts. One part goes to the fuse box. Where does the other part go.


As you can see in the photo, i have put numbers next to cables so it can be easily shown. Cable 2 goes to the fuse box, where does cable 4 go down to? How do i change the positive battery cable. I just don't know where cable 4 goes down to, so i can replace it. I don't have a jack to look under the car, Do i need a jack to replace the number 4 cable, or can i change the cable without going under the car?




The picture is right below





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One goes to fuse box, the otherone goes to the terminal on your alternator


Just goto autozone/pepboys/napa and get a new one for 1/10th of what majestic wants.


All you need to do is measure how long the cable is from your alternator to your positive terminal, then find one that fits, they come pre-terminated with an eyelet at the fuse box end, eyelet at the alternator end, and a top mount post fitting on the main hub end.

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do you think i should change the battery cables? Every year when it rains, my car needs a jump a few times a year. I think rain affects the battery for whatever reason.


The positive cable splits into two. One goes to the fuse box(cable number 2), the other part of that cable goes to the starter (cable number 4) Do you think i should change that cable? Please look at the photo and let me know if it needs to be replaced. The picture is not a close up, but if you see closely, you can see wires on cable 4 right near top of the cable, the wires are not thick, its not thin either, the wires have lost half of its width due to rewiring.


I just thought if i change the cable, that it will fix my cars

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