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help me plz plz


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so i just got done puttin a header on my 91 integra ls, after we got it on we realized it was 2 short so i got the exhaust shop to weld a peice of pipe inbetween the exhaust and header where they meet. would this be ok to leave like thise? or will i have to get a flex pipe? and my main concern is now my ABS light is on and idk y? could it just be out of fluid?(havent checked) or a line undone? or wat, plz help me out

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ABS light doesn't have anything to do with fluid. Most of the time it means one of the wheels has a bad speed sensor. You can pull the wheels to see if the sensors are still attached but you need a graphing multimeter to test them. The sensors are on the inside of the hub where the axle goes through.

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pull all wheels off nd check ur speed sensor wiring for dirt they sometimes get dirty nd can be clean wit electrical cleaner sold at autozone or any parts store, nd if that dont solve it then make sure none of them are broke they are expensive by the way unless u try ur luck at a salvage yard

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