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Recently purchased my 2nd Tan DA9 for the GF!! Its been running great up until today she calls me & says she was driving & the check engine light came on, acted like it wanted to die. She said she was slowing down anyways so she downshifted & everything was ok again until she came to a stop & it did it again, this time it actually did die.. She shut the key off & it started right back up & ran normal w/ no c/e lights! My thoughts are maybe the alternator or something along the same lines!



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Could be the alternator. You can take the car to an advanced auto parts or similar store, and they can run all the checks for free and see if you need a new one.


Yes sir.. i was just tellin her that!


But now she's tellin me when she comes to a stop she has to have the clutch in or itll die.. puttin it in "N" & letting off the clutch while waiting for light to change or something! It dies...

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try a week. then let us kno. could just be a woman problem.

No crap... my thoughts exactly! She's got bad luck w/ cars by far.. She's 25 & this will b here 18th car since she turnned 16..


She's not allowed to drive my car! Ferk that... This is my 1st car & i'd like to keep it that way!

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