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help me out!


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Well its for my girlfriend. Her uncle is in a competition for bands in brasil. So if you guys could follow this link


Then vote for sOmbaguá


You can only vote once a day but im sure some of you could figure out how to bypass that.



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Its Portuguese there big guy. But basically click on that link. Scroll down a little but to the little search bar where it says "escolha a sua banda". Paste the name in "sOmbaguá" then click "ok"


Then a picture will show and the name of the band next to it. Then click vote.

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my name.. is Ken(me) and you.. you are guile(you).


super sho ryu ken > sonic boom + flash kick

yes but before you did that, i hit pause and actually flash kicked you to the face.




feel free to post bewbs or what have you

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