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CRX Engine swap


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My buddy is taking a d16 out of a 91 civic and putting it in an 86 crx....what will need to be changed...and is he gonna need to use a different tranny?.........he is trying to use the tranny out of the crx and bolt it up to a d16

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This may help. Get him to have a search through this forum, and through http://www.d-series.org/


Cool...I ended up checking it out but couldn't find exactly what I am looking for.......again I just need to know if you can swap the tranny from a d15 to a d16 or if you need a new tranny

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you did not search


otherwise you would know d bolts to d


I know d bolts to d....but it's the clutch problem I think because I have a 7 for mine but the clutch wont bolt to it and thats the major problem....I didn't think that it would just because of that....I am just trying to get a little more insight on this.....does he have to switch the ecu and everything too?

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i have a d15 tranny on a d16 motor with a d16 clutch.. your screwing something up



depends on which d16 he is running as to what ecu is needed.. i think you need to do more reasearch

I am just starting to learn my hondas more in depth and the conversions and everyhting like that....the problem is it's a y7 tranny out of a d16 so a hydro clutch and I have a cable clutch....I know I am not screwing anything up because I did a test fit off of the car with the new clutch and the spline shank on the tranny is too big and wont fit into the spline on the clutch....it sucks...again I know it will bolt up but the problem being my clutch

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Are you from NZ? Just asking because of the "kiwi" in your username.


Also you will need a tranny with cable clutch for this to work afaik


if you meant AZ yes and my buddy moved out and ran into everything problem wise i told him he would so now he has to do a full hydro adapter set up....

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The thing about the first gen CRX's is that it's technically an EW4 (for the SI, that is, the others are carbureted.) You'll need the hasport motormounts for any Newer D series swap. The only D series that is close to a direct bolt on is the dual cam D16ZC (i believe is the code) out of the same year integra. You can also use the 4 wheel disc brakes from the integra on the CRX




These guys are huge on first gen CRX's. check them out



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