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Can somebody please help?


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Ok I'm gonna try to describe what happened as best as I can coming from my wife lol....keep in mind that the engine light has been on for a couple months but anyway, yesterday she was driving on the highway towards my job to pick me up when all of a sudden all the dashboard board lights came on (doors ajar, trunk, brake light, battery, etc.). She called me and told me about the problem and I didnt think much of it until a few minutes later she called me again and said that the ac was blowing hot air. anyway, she got to my work and turned off the car. a few minutes later I got out of work and went outside and took a look at the car and tried turning it on but it wouldnt do anything. It was dead. So, The quickest solution was for me to try the battery first and I bought one down the street at walmart and I was able to bring the car home. At home I turned on the car and it felt like if it was idling at higher rpms than before but the worse part was when I turned the ac on. The engine started revving up and down not even a full second between revs. it was going up and down very quickly. So now I'm sitting here with no ac and not a clue on what could relate these engine revs with the ac. any ideas? I'm obviously not a car tech so please help! keep in mind the Ac was working until it happened

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mmm its a mystery lol. i have a 1999 accord as well, just a 4cyl. and i had a similar problem before except it would randomly turn off like it was in the off position (key). and i would be cruising in neutral to start it back up. and turning on my ac would make it rev low to high on idle about 500-900 or so on full blase. So i did what you did, got a new battery. but before i did that, i wondered if it was my terminals, they are fine, charge was reading fine as well, i didn't know what could it be. so i went to autozones and they checked it and said it was bad. so after changing it. It would still revved to 500-900 with the ac on notch 1, notch 2, 3, and 4 it would idle normal.. (guess imma full blast it lol). so anyways, i thought it could need a recharge kit, went to frys electronics and was buying a new graphics (evga cards GTX260 SC 216 core) for my pc and i saw a cheapo recharge kit, and this was my fix on idle issue. but i still have the turning off problem on my car, id say about once ever 2-3months now. it used to be once a week or so, its known to other 6th gen accord coupes as well, and its not an easy fix either.. anyways.



long story short - might need a recharge kit on your ac?



also, what was your check engine code, mil lamp, what type of reading did it have in the past? did you fix that issue or just d/c the battery to get rid of mil? if not, then it could relate to that sorta problem.

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