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b18b1 into my sol


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Alright, I have finally got the motor in my car and running, it has been for about 2 weeks now. The Problem is now that once in a while when im driving the car will randomly start studering or missing, when this happens the car starts to smoke. The car doesn't smoke at all normally until it starts missing also the car has a high idle with idle surge. What I have tried: i tried changing the iacv it didnt help i have tried looking over my vacuum hoses and have been trying to make sure the vacuum lines are all ran correctly but i cant seem to find a diagram specifically for a b18b1 into a del sol si. Im going to go over my motor with carb cleaner tomorrow to see if that reveals any leaks as well. so im looking for any ideas that on what may be causing the idle surge and the random miss that throws mad smoke. also just some other information i have been trying to find is what is the diameter of the exhaust coming out of the stock integra muffler im still using my del sol's stock exhaust system dont know if maybe that is causing some problems. last thing does anyone have a diagram or information on how to possibly just delete the charcoal canister from my car all help and advice welcomed thanks.

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also just for my information i have it set up for obd1 obviously but has a obd2 valve cover (dont think that matters i just have the 90 degree valve blocked off and on the other that sticks straight out has a breather filter on it) and on most of the diagrams i have looked at have the dashpot diaphram on the throttle body well mine doesnt have that nor does it have the extra nipple on the throttle body for the one line from the charcoal canister i have the other throttle body but this one came already on this manifold this was just some info that probably should have been given earliar as well thanks

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well so far i think i have figured it out a vacuum leak from the little black box coming off the back of the motor into the throttle bottle had a leak in it fixed that and idle went to normal no more surge or miss hope it helps anyone that might have this problem later on

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