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I need some help. My car has this horrible knocking sound that occurs when i am coasting. NOT ACCELERATING OR BREAKING. It sounds like a belt broke and is hitting stuff while it rotates but i see no broken belts. It doesn't do it while idling either.

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when is the last time you changed your oil?




and why do you have two threads for this? only one is needed



i added oil about 2 weeks ago. and it must have accidentally posted twice.

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you ADD OIL you should have changed it.


when your coasting do you put the car in n or you just pushing in the clutch


by coasting i mean keeping a constant speed as in being in gear without accelerating.

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My guess is if you drain the oil it will have significant metal in it.


Bent rod, or something to that effect. The knocking may be from the rod hitting the cylinder wall. Is your car smoking out the tailpipe in any quantity or color?

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