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2007 Honda Civic Headlights

Candice Paula

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I just recently (yesterday) bought a 2007 Honda Civic, and I've been trying to get it's headlights to work properly. My brights work just fine, and my daytime running lights work as well. The problem is that when I turn on my regular halogen headlamps, the only thing that changes from the daytime running lights is that my side orange lights come on. Is this normal? I drove up behind a car tonight and it didn't seem like any lights were on at all other than my daytime runners. My boyfriend checked, and when I turn on my headlights, my tail lights come on like they should, so I know I'm turning the right knob. I haven't been able to find a picture of what they're SUPPOSED to look like, so I don't know if there is legitimately something wrong, I just feel like something isn't right.


I apologize if this question has been asked before. I searched a little bit in the board but couldn't find any answers.

Thanks for your help!

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