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Rough idle help?

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lol sorry


the IAC or the idle air control is on the back of the throttle body/intake manifold.. if it gets dirty it can cause that jumping idle you have.. this is a write up i just found: http://www.superhonda.com/forum/f94/cleaning-out-iac-128967/ I took mine complety off when i cleaned it but then you lose a little coolant.. up to you and how you want to do it.. just get some of the sensor safe cleaner




the other thing i was talking about was confusing the map and tps sensors.. They use the same circular plug and sometimes people plug them up backwards and it can cause that problem as well


jsut found this online: resolved.jpg



not sure if a d15 manifold is the same as the d16 but i know the plug on the back of the manifold is the same as the plug in the iac as well and you can mix them up

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Lol its ok. ur a great help 2 me so thanx. and im not guna lie. takin so much advice from a girl about cars is a lil downgrading on my behalf! haha jk. i think its awesome that u know so much.


she does know alot. and not to be a dink but i kinda thought sweetie was a b1tch when i first started these forums but i think shes alright now. please dont chew me out for saying that lol. and also i think you have a fan club sarah

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