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My build Thread!!

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Well its been a while since ive been on here. Some may remember the last time i was on i was suffering from an idle surging problem after v-tec. Turns out the... um... fitv? was bad. (the sensor on the back of my intake manifold. Swapped it out for a different one and it fixed it perfectly. It was diagnosed by hitting v-tec, letting it idle, pulling the intake off and covering up the hole inside the throttle body. Once it was covered it was closing the valve and the idle would stop pulsing, remove you hand and it would pulsate. Bottom line the valve wasnt shutting.


Ok so on to bigger and better things. Ive decided to make a small wishlist of parts im on the search for. Please help me decide on the best bang for my buck, what youve heard, and what you like and dislike.


A friend of mine who has a turboed DA is pushing hard for me to turbo also, however i dont have $2500 to throw at my car. Ive decided, especially since im getting married in a month, that im just going to go for some basic bolt ons. Starting with header, cat-back and intake manifold. Hopefully with this will free up 15 or 20 hp, hooopefully!! I feel this would be a nice addition to my B18c


Now give me some advice on which parts to aim towards. I dont want to cheap out however i also dont want to go broke on a part that isnt much better than a cheaper one. For header, of course im looking to source a used dc sports header, but ive also realized i could get a Hytech header new for about $150-$200. I just cant decide if theyre any good, i havent heard any bad reviews anyway, and im quit impressed with the part.. For exhaust i want something quiet... really quiet, so im open all the way there. For IM, im really trying to convince myself Blox makes a good IM because theyre like $190 new. haha Also id like to get a set of ARP head studs for safety sake, not that ill be putting my engine at risk with these parts.


My main goal is to gain low end power. With that said ill be looking for 4-2-1 headers, and long runners on the IM... however ill base that off of what type of deals i find. haha


Any help would be great!!

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