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v-tech swap


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ok i have an 89 civic sedan with a 96 sohc...i was getting a nasty backfire and was told it was the head.......so i got another head (99 single v-tech)....now my thing is that the guy i bought the car from left the swap as carburetor in stead of fuel injection....now i want to connect the v-tech but dont really know where to start.....do i have to change the wiring harness??????......will appreciate any suggestions and ideas....wanna build another car but dont know where to start yet

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there are no 99 heads that were carb'd. and its V-TEC not v-tech.


most likely you didnt have the right obd connection to begin with. which caused the backfire. now its only going to get worse. do yourself a favor. do some research on every little detail on hondas. it will make life a lot easier.

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