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alternator from b-d

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ok so i have a b16a and i want to know if the alternator from that will work on my d16y8 bc its going out? so what do you all think. thank you.



and with the alternator going out would that make the speedo stop working. all of these happend at the same time

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about a month after my swap alternator went out on the way home from class.. speedo and tach just dropped down and i was like CRAP and i was going up a hill so i downshifted to try to make sure i got a little further and it made it worse.. by the time i pulled over the car was completly dead.. i think i had been riding on battery for a while though.. but when the alternator goes and battery starts getting low its normally the radio is first to start messing up.. then lights and gauges lol


No idea about power cause I havent put it on a dyno and i'm not one of the people who guesstimate power


I have the sohc zc w/ vtec.. pretty much the z6 with a tad bit more torque.. all thats really done to mine is 7lb flywheel, exedy clutch, 4-2-1 header with 2 1/4 piping all the way bad.. short ram (didnt go full cold air cause when it rains here it floods) with green racing filter.. probably forgot something as well..


It revs wonderfully.. i like responsivness more so then pure power for a DD.. and i just like stuff that revs fast lol.. i want to get it tuned because the z6 ecu isnt the exact one for the motor (so i've heard/read.. hard to find info on the sohc vtec zc).. and sometimes it will idle right at 800.. sometimes it wants to idle at 2k if its been sitting for a while.. then sometimes it goes from 1k to 1200.. IAC is clean and everything.. pretty sure it has to do with the zc doesnt have the sensor on the back of the intake manifold so that one isnt plugged up



i forgot to add i only use royal purple and k&n filters.. amazing combo IMO.. tried castrol edge and it was junk.. when we replaced headgasket and water pump on my car the motor looked brand new inside (low miles when i got it.. ran royal purple ever since).. the k&n traps all kinds of crap.. i haevnt changed my oil all summer (2 weeks ago i put ~700 miles on the car withing a few days.. been driving A LOT) and the oil still has that 'new' brown color to it

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as far as alts obd1 to obd1, obd2 to obd2.


As far as physicly making it fit....

I put a b series alt on my d, i had to mic the brackout out to be able to get a bolt to fit, as well as tap the actual alt for the pivot bolt, but im enjoying the extra juice :)

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