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R.I.P Civic Type R


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in the us the cumulative emissions output of all the products the company sells determines the number for the whole company. It doesn't matter if they sell 5 ctr's or 5 million civics the weight of the emission number is still the same.

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Not really. If you are determining the average mpg or emissions for the company what is fair?


Sell 5 ctr's that get 20mpg

Sell 1000000 civic hybrids that get 40mpg


Yet the weight of the mpg for both cars is the same and the average mpg for the company is calculated to be 30mpg for the lineup.


Dropping the ctr actually makes no productive difference in actual mpg or emissions company-wide yet it is what companies have had to do. Reality is that the real productive change for the company is not to drop the specialty car, but improve the mpg of the popular car by 0.1 mpg and make a huge difference overall.

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Yeah spot on, it would make a lot more sense for them to improve the MPG on the run-of-the-mill civic.


I guess it'll be back in production in about a year or two though, they just gotta figure out how to make it more eco-friendly.


What I don't understand is how honda has had to drop this, yet Ford can still make the Focus RS with 350bhp without a problem.

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Global warming is real and the only hoax is that we can do anything about it. Human impact on climate is over-stated, as is the consequences of those impacts. We had a PhD enviro scientist give a talk for our Enviro Sci class at UNF and he couldn't give me a straight answer when I suggested that elevated temperatures would increase evaporation of the oceans which would increase cloud cover (and violent weather change), to which he agreed, but then asked if increased cloud cover would effectively lower surface temperatures. He said he hopes we don't have to find out. huh??? I think ignoring stabilizing effects such as cloud cover and evaporative cooling is giving enviro' science a bad rap.


Some commonly known science facts:

-The annual median temperature of the globe is increasing

-There will be a galactic alignment on December 22, 2012


Some science facts that most people seem to not know:

-The annual median temperature of the globe has increased before and typically has fallen after a period of dynamic weather patterns, we've enjoyed a long period of stable temperate weather (see colder weather patterns of the middle ages) that seems to be coming to an end.

-There is a galactic alignment on EVERY December 22, 2012's will not be special.

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One of the most potent greenhouse gases of all is water vapor. The increase in cloud cover may cause a short term reduction in surface temperature on the planet but will increase the overall atmospheric temperature in a relatively short period of time. The warmer upper atmosphere causes problems with the native striation in the atmosphere thus giving way to extremely volatile new weather patterns the like we have not yet seen.


Obviously, this is all theory as there is no method to test it before hand.



To every nay-sayer on the planet arguing that global warming and all it's trimmings are nothing but a hoax consider this:


If I am wrong in my belief in global warming and in taking all the steps needed to prevent it what is the consequence - clean air

If you are wrong in your belief that global warming is a hoax and civilization continues as-is what is the consequence - we all die

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