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swaping out bottom end and have ?

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Ok so here is my question


if i swap just the bottom end am i going to need to change my ecu or tune it ?

will it be a plug and play type swap or is there gonna be more to it ?


now this is what i wanna do and i would be very thankful for any help... so i have a 93 civic lx and i wanna swap the D15B7 bottom end for a Y8/Z6 bottom end. just so no one has to ask why i would want to do that it is because you can buy forged internals for either of those bottom ends and not for the B7

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so you want to put a non vtec head on a d16 block? like a backwards mini me?



maybe you should think about just putting a z6 in the car biggrin.gif


yeah exactly. and the reason i dont want to put a whole z6 in is i dont want vtec i plan on turboing the car and i have no need for vtec . from what ive read with the way i drive and a boosted vtec = lots of cash and problems . maybe in the future i will go boosted vtec but not right now. so does anyone know if ill need to swap ecu or tune it before turboing it?

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