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Clutch Replacement Problem


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Ok, so I have an 06 accord V6 manual transmission with 58,000 miles on it, I bought the car with 49,000 miles. The clutch went out on it and I did some research and found out that the transmissions on this particular model are crap, whereas if you were to go from 6th gear to 4th, while going to right speed, not red lining it or anything, it will subsequentially destroy the transmission. I was not aware of this issue that honda admittingly told me about. So I pay about $1900 for a new clutch and as soon as I hit traffic and come to a stop, I notice the car will start to shake when it's in neutral, wether my foot it on the clutch in 1st going no where, and when it is in neutral with no foot engaging the clutch, but only when the car is stopped. Its the shaking feeling like the car is about to die, or I'm about to take my foot off the clutch in gear without giving it gas. As noted before by this mechanic that the transmission is in bad shape if the clutch had to be replaced this soon on the car, does anyone possibly believe that me driving the car 60 miles to go home possibly destroy the transmission any further by the dealerships error by not properly checking their work. The service guy who I talked to the entire time even admitted they never test drove it to see if it was ok. Thats when I got really mad and asking him how my car got from the lift it was on to get the new clutch in, to the parking spot where I picked it up from, and all he said was uhhh hmmmm uhhh. I'm furious as honda's lack of awareness and the fact that the only reason I bought a honda was for reliability and hopefully not needing to do services such as this one until maybe 200k miles?? They offered to tow it back in for free, yet then find out what is wrong, but just considering they said that clutch problems will result in transmission problems, and they evidently fracked up my NEW clutch, shouldn't they be liable for a new transmission?



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I just called them back, and another person read the report and evidently someone did test drive the car after, even on the freeway and noted that its "riding rough," BUT DIDNT FIX IT?!?! and said that they only fix the initial problem it was brought in for, but if its not functioning the correct way, for the problem I brought it in for, isnt that called wreckless endangerment? Then I find this article basically stating that honda manual transmissions made from 03-07 are basically crap, but honda wont do anything, but call the drivers negligent.



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