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sup ppl!! just registered today. Glad to be a member of the import forums :laugh: . I am 18/male/Filippino/Florida. I drive an AUTO 02 Mustang Tropic Green v6. I haven't raced any imports. In fact, haven't raced at all. Still wanting to get more mods for the d-mestik :p . Hope you ppl be nice to me. Dont flame on me cause im not an import ryder. And that's all. Pz!

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the car was given to my as a grad present.  why does your sn say rx7 when your icon is s2000?

Thats the name I use on all forums, and I like S2000's.

hehe.. everyone asks SSR that questions huh

i just here to learn more on imports so when i get my next car i'll know what im looking for towards what import i want.  huh

thats cool, many domestic owners dont know the potential of a honda or an import, so they flame and talk shiet!

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Welcome to the Forums bro. Don't listen or take anything you hear on this site too personal. A lot of people on here just like to argue. People don't seem to think before they speak a lot of times and just spew garbage.

Feel free to read up or chime in anytime you want and if I may make a suggestion; don't mod your car too much for you won't gain too much. If your plans are to get into something new in the near future save that money so you can mod that car if you feel like it. Oh yeah, and as much as most people on here yap about racing and speed... it's not what car appreciation is all about.

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1. HONDAforums.com


2. Domestic


3. Why did you buy a slow car?


4. Better yet, why did you buy an automatic V6 Mustang?

1. Some people may be doing research for future ventures or, like me, might have some insight on the subject without having direct relation to it


2. Your point? See above


3. Maybe he's not interested in speed... I bought the Base RSX because it suited me better for autoXing even thought the Type S is faster in a straight line


4. It was a gift

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