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need help locating head lights


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im holding off on paint cause im piecing together a turbo kit, and lm just trying to locate the lights so when that time come i know where to find them or if i find the right price ill just buy them

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turbo kit on stock block isnt such a great idea.. youll cut the life of that block in half.. first your piston rings will start giving out then probally your headgasket after that youll either crack your head or water/antifreeze will get into a cylinder and crack the cylinder wall.. if youre going to go boost, have the bottom end built at least..


thats the reason my piston rings are bad, boosted a stock block with 100+k miles on it.. so now im doing it right and im having my bottom end built..


oh and when you paint the car, PLEASE dont go a different color unless you plan on doing it the right way which means taking out all the interior, all the sound deadening material, the engine, all the wires, EVERYTHING, just have a bare shell and then getting it painted to the color you choose.. i hate it when people just paint the outter shell of the car then when you open the door or pop the hood/trunk you see the origional color.. looks soo tacky..

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