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1992 Honda Civic


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I just bought my first Honda a couple of weeks ago and was wondering if people thought it would be worth to fix up and to what extent. Here are a few pictures of it. I'm wanting to make this into a car that I can be proud of, and am hoping to make a profit off it whenever I do decide to sell it. I bought this car for $700 and it has D16Z6 Engine which is a 1.6L motor.









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exterior looks a little rough around the edges. if im right the motor has been swapped. 92-95 sedans had the d15b7 non-vtec motor if they were the dx models. definatly a good canvas to work with



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i say yank the motor out. crush the shell(a good $200) and then find a donor shell preferable a lx or si and swap the motor in.



ima have to disagree. the sedan body style actually looks good when its done right. and its lighter than the coupe and only 100lbs heavier than the hb. yank the ac out thats like 52lbs of weight reduction. just look up some pics of some nice sedans and youll see what im talkin bout

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DO NOT yank the ac out if you plan on reselling this car.. and i have to disagree.. my ac got yanked out before i bought it and have everything to reinstall it and it is no where near 50lbs.. and unless you are making it into a full race car (which is stupid cause its a HONDA) then ac is perfectly fine


cars should have powersteering and ac



body seems okay expect the dent on the door and the hood looks to have a dent.. i'd get the bumper on right and take it to a cheaper but reptuable paint shop and get it resprayed oem color.. if thats the color i think it is a friend of mine has one and it looks very good




if fix it and have at least a good daily.. i dont really believe in building hondas too much because its a FWD and was never made to be a race car.. but everyone on this forum knows how i feel about that.. i'd prefer to have a good DD (honda.. doesnt have to be stock.. upgrades are never bad.. yours already has a short ram and header.. if it has about 2 1/4 pipe all the way back you've already helped out the motor a bit)... and then to have a car that should be built for weekend fun



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Yeah sorry Speed Demon but I don't think I wanna yank the motor out, and the body is definitely rough I figured I might try and sand it down and paint it myself to save some cash but all i've done is a little bit of touch up painting on my old Jeep, but I've always wanted to try painting a car so hopefully it ends up looking good. Oh and also believe me the ac is getting fixed and left in there

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