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k20a in my car


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from these posts:






i call BS




no way in a WEEK (assuming they started THE DAY of your last post did a shop get your car, put a k20 in it, have all the parts, finish the wiring, AND wire tuck it






not to mention that car was in honda tuning in 2006 http://www.hondatuni..._kit/index.html








i vote ban for BS

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he just posted the k20 thread a week ago


there is no k20 in his car.. he could not have ordered the motor and parts and completed the swap already.. let alone hes dumb as hell and has asked nothing but stupid crap since he showed up


i wouldnt be surprised if it was a bored member or pre member just messing around

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Oh you guys are great!! I'm so glad we have this site. It gives me something to do while I'm at work. This site reminds me a little of FML sometimes.. lol


But seriously, where's the pictures bro?? I want to see this swap happen!! If it ever does.................................................... .............

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There is no redline motor sports in portland, and if you did have work done in portland you would have had it done at either VIP or forged.


Not only that, but there are alot more shops local to yak than any in p-town.


The closest "Redline Motorsports" is all the way down in salem, and they do crotch rockets, not our cars.

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