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turbo, swap, & build kit


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so i'm new to the "rice-rocket" world, and am interested in building a del Sol up. i know all the engine basics and what not, but when it comes to altering engine parts, i'm clueless.


if i were wanting to put a turbo into a del Sol b16 1.6, would a rebuild kit be an "ok", inexpensive way to have everything run stable? if not, what are some good engine swaps for del Sols? (perhaps some v6/i6 engines)



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had to do it laugh.gif




maybe you boys will like this one better:









anyway.. if you look in the engine tuning section there is all kinds of information.. not to mention there are builds all over the internet.. its lazy to ask for stuff to be spoon fed to you.. do the research and make up your own mind


i'm guessing you want a b because some kid told you they are the best motor.. they are not.. you can do d, b, h, k, etc etc i've seen turbo d's that are just as good as a b.. if you want a DOHC that bad cause you penis is small then they make a DOHC d series.. paying 2500+ for a motor will 160 hp is stupid to me but some people like them


do some research and if you have a question you cant find the answer to then we can help



inexpensive+build dont really belong in the same sentence IMO.. thats an easy way to end up on the side of the road with a blowed up car that has cheap crap from ebay and never got tuned

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