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93 si clutch failure


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I just picked up a 93 si from a friend, and it hasn't been on the road in about 5 yrs. But all it needed was an oil change and some new gas, and the it ran perfectly fine for a car that old for almost a week. But the other day, coming off the highway in 5th at about 60 mph, I hit the clutch to downshift and heard a clunk come from under the hood and clutch went to floor and was stuck fully engaged. So I rolled to a stop\stall (couldn't get it out of 5th until engine was off), then popped the hood to check my lines and master cylinder, but everything seems fine. I bled it off and flushed the lines, and most of the fluid coming out was almost black, but couldn't find a leak. Once the lines were bled, the pedal got firmer but still spongy at best, and it doesn't have enough pressure to disengage it. So I guess my question would be, does anyone know if there is something else i should be checking? Or is there a way to test the master cylinder? I don't pull the tranny if there is an easy fix.

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Do you think something like that could be related to the hydraulic system? And if it is the pressure plate, would it chatter when i start the car? I had a friend tell me his friend had a similar problem, and it turned out to be a bad master cylinder. Does anyone know a way to troubleshoot my master\slave cylinders to rule them out? Or could dirty lines be the problem? I'm used to cable clutches so i'm not sure what can cause a problem if the lines are not leaking. Any help is appreciated

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you guys kind of forgot about the slave cylinder as well as the master cylinder


normally if you blow one it doesnt keep a pedal at all but you never know


i say replace clutch, master cylinder, and slave cylinder and replace all fluid



clutch's in these cars tend to be soft BTW.. you can get an exedy stock replacement clutch and fidanza flywheel on ebay for a very good price.. multiple people run them on here.. mine just started a bit of chatter after a year and a half but it is a 7lb flywheel so w/e.. also you can pick up a stainless steel clutch line and it'll firm it up a bit



check your brakes as well.. car sitting for 5 years might need some.. i'd flush the brake fluid as well

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