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help me with my mpfi swap


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so im swaping my 90 civic from dpfi to mpfi, i know i need the head, intake ect. but as for wiring. could i just get the dpfi to mpfi harness and then be done? or do i HAVE to get another ecu?


lol you dont have to swap heads. only the intake manifold and donor ecu are required. also you will need fuel injectors, fuel injector resistor box, si distributor(none other will fit or work as this has the cyl sensor the dpmi doesnt come with) and some wire and time. remove the old intake and replace the gasket. install new manifold and torque bolts to spec. attach coolant and vacuum lines as they came off. you might have an extra coolant line. i justed used silicone on a bolt and clamped the fracker in tight. install your fuel injectors( i used b18 injectors and replaced all my seals at the same time.) and injector box. youll have to lenghen the tps and eavc plugs need to be lengthened and the tps wires green/white and yellow/white change positions. no take both yellow/black wires from the current injectors and run them to the resistor box. damn this is alot to write. my email is blazin_kustoms@hotmail.com. email me and i will make you a thourgh walkthrough as this is easy to frack up and crappy to have to go back and diag.

it adds nice power and throttle response though

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