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Sorry, fine tuning tire size..old question


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I have received new wheels for the Sol. 16X7 with +42mm offset. With the stock wheels and tires on the car, 185/60/14, after the springs were changed out there is still 2" between the top of the stock tires and the fender lip. What 16" diameter tire would best fit the wheel and not scrape the fender well? I have received recommendations that 195/50/16's would be a good choice. I have taken a lot of measurements and was wondering if I could go with a 205 mm width. I just don't like the look of too much space between the tire and fender well BUT there is nothing worse than sidewalls cut by the fender wells and paint scraped.

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this tire size calculator is a good place to start. use it to find what sizes would match the stock tire diameters and you can make some decisions off of that info to start with.

THANKS. Now I can work the diameter...I am trying to calculate width to avoid rubbing. I guess if I was working with a local tire shop I could go in and try different sizes installed on the rim but since I am going cheap and buying tires off the internet I am saddled with financial loss as a result of my own mistake if I miscalculate.

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I run 205/40/17 and im lowered i have a agx kyb gas struts with h&r drop springs i dont scrape ever i dont know my offset though not off hand anyway hope i helped some


What brand of wheels and how wide are they? That might help me try to determine your offset so I can compare them to my wheels.

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