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speaker grill removal

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My wife was given a '93 Accord EX, I want to replace the door speakers and have been informed that they are 6 1/2" in size. I have a set of PG RSDc's that I want to put in, but before I start I want to know how to remove the speaker grill. I was also informed that some models the grill just pops off and others you have to remove the door panel. So which is it and how would I go about doing it? I'd rather know where everything is at and go at it before I start. Thanks.

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gotta take the whole door panel off. i have a 92 accord lx and that's how mine come off. and yes they are 6 1/2 speakers. the mounting depth isn't much on the factory. so if the new speakers fit in farther u may have to trim the black piece the speaker mounts into.

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