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Turbo manifold that works with a/c

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Does anyone know of a cast turbo manifold that will work with A/C? i hear there are a few ebay manifolds that work but nobody has really verified it. even on d-series.


this will be using a 2.5" dp and the small elbow for the WG

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from what i have seen most of the drag cast ones work, you just need to clock the turbo so your piping clears the compressor, ill let you know in about a year when i finaly get around to doing my boosted A/C build.

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yeah I have not heard of anything working yet even if track cars make it possible because my older brother actually got a turbo kit from ebay stating that it will fit with the a/c on, but it gave him a hard time. He actually grinded a small part of his b16 block to make it fit better but eventually stopped working on it since he got short on money (if you know what i mean). haha, my best answer is to find someone who is good with fitting on the turbo for you that can also wield very well then you should have no problem.

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