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Electrical problem, 99 ex


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Hi, havent been on here in a while. As a last ditch effort im asking for help after searching on google and working on my car for hours trying to figure this out..


Ok it seems like it started about a year ago


1. My running lights do work but my brake lights do not work.. Tried replacing the brake light switch with no luck.

2. My speedo is very erratic when driving, sometimes it sits at 0 and sometimes it at 120, and bouncing all in between.


Read somewhere that it could be the recall problem with the wiring harness underneath the IM(have not checked this personally yet since my jack died), read also that it could be a grounding problem so I went out today and cleaned the ground wire, battery terminals, and tried grounding to a different spot on the shock tower, and checked the voltage out the battery and its 12.5v coming out so that rules out the alternator. Still no luck. I would really like to fix this myself as I do not have the money to take it to a mechanic..

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