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d15b turbo help

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so i got a free d15b2 that runs, just needs a rebuild, so im gonna try and set it up for no more than 10 to 12 lbs psi, wat all would need to be done? the crank will hold, i will need arp's, and race bearings,and a tune(which im oblivious about haha) now for piston and rod? i was thinkin of using the eagle h beams or i beams? and then wat would happen if i used a non turbo piston? turbo pistons are just so ridiculously expensive, thats y i ask, and i may even settle for around 7 psi? and i hear the stock blocks will hold that? but for how long? i do want boost no matter wat tho, shoot me some pointers on wat i need plz? i would greatly appreicate it =]

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