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grinding/vibration noise when crossing vtec


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well im getting this weird noise here lately(past 600 miles). whenever i cross over to vtec i get a grinding noise and hard vibration. the car also doesnt really seem to even have any vtec effect either. not throwing any codes, no cel's, new clutch/pp/flywheel/pilot and input shaft bearings. 176000 miles...dont believe its ever been rebuilt either.


any ideas? im using castrol syntec 10w30 full synthetic oil

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either your making a funny at me or talking about an electrical part that i didnt know was on my car.....


I'm just messing around dude..It seems like a lot of electrical type issues with older hondas around atm.and I haven't the faintest idea to help out.

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the only electrical issue i have is my a/c light doesnt work all the time lol


and now that I think of it...Maybe the lost motion assembly is worn..This is still the Z6 right? I'd say pull the VC off as well as the LMA's and take a look at the cam sicne something most likely isn't rolling right.

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