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Overheated engine now problems


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I just bought a 94 del Sol with the D16Z6 V-Tec engine. When I bought it the engine had been run hot. 6 months ago the engine was run hot and the head gasket replaced and a new water pump replaced as well. Then 2 weeks ago the car over heated again this time the plastic on the radiator melted along with the overflow tank. I bought it in this state as a non- runner. I got it home and was able to get it started. I replaced the thermostat and radiator. Now when you start it there is instant pressure on the radiator cap and the car will not start. Probably due to a bad main relay but I go out and release the pressure under the cap and the engine will sometimes start. I have never seen a car with instant pressure on the radiator cap like this. Even when the car is cold if you leave the radiator cap off and try to start it it will immediately spit coolant out of the radiator. I have never had any other car to do this. Any ideas? The thermostat was clogged with melted plastic from the radiator cap but it has been replaced. The car starts and runs otherwise. I have not had a lot of time to mess with it yet. It has a new cap, NGK plugs, wire, radiator and thermostat so far. Any help would be appreciated. My next thought was to get a pressure cap and see if the head gasket is blown and leaking possibly causing the pressure. This is my first Honda and I am learning as I go.


Thanks for the help.



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quite possibly another bhg.. have you checked the oil?


if the HG is blown the car will be compressing the fluid instead of staying in the chamber... if the car was run hot enough its possible the head or possibly block was warped.. even the smallest fraction on an inch will result in BHG symptoms or a blown head gasket

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check the system for a blockage again..some particulate could have made it's way past/into the thermostat and into the system..



I agree, may have another blockage. Also agree that with pressure in the cap, there may be a head/block warp issue. I think the spec for these cars in warpage tolerance is around .002 inch.

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